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Our Pride is in our Quality

For over 75 years in live bait, we are unwaivering in our position to stand by our principles and only sell the best quality live bait while abiding by the regulations put before us. You can be assured that when you are purchasing live bait from us, your customers will be pleased with their results!


If you have any questions regarding the new VHS rules, please follow the link below or call us at 262-279-6888.


DNR VHS Information


Tackle Location:

130 Elizabeth Lane, Genoa City WI 53128


Phone: 800-457-2248

Fax: 800-211-0943


Hours: M-F  8am-5pm


Bait Location

603 Freeman Street, Genoa City WI 53128


Phone: 262-279-6888

Fax: 262-279-2331


Hours: M-F  7am-4pm

(Appointments can be made other than office hours)


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