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A little bit about RWI...

Robinson Wholesale, Inc., a family owned business and a major supplier to the Midwest’s bait and fishing tackle industry for nearly 60 years was founded in 1939 by George W. Robinson.


Robinson Wholesale, Inc. began when George decided to turn his favors for his fishing buddies into a new business venture. Being an avid fisherman, he would return home from his northern Wisconsin fishing trips with live bait that was not readily available in the south. Heeding his buddies’ requests, he began bringing enough bait back with him to sell during the week. Then, the weekend came and it was back up north for another fishing trip, and another load of bait. Thus began Robinson Wholesale, Inc.


His son, Jerry Robinson, soon took over the bait division of the business, and though he couldn’t manage as many fishing trips, he grew it into one of the largest bait and tackle distributing companies in the country. Today his 3 sons run the business - Ken Robinson operates the tackle division, Dave Robinson operates the bait division and Mike Robinson operates Keystone Hatcheries.

Tackle Division

From humble beginnings, the tackle division of Robinson Wholesale, Inc. has grown to be one of the largest midwest wholesale distributor of fishing tackle and sporting goods. Our warehouse has over 300 name brand manufacturers with an inventory of over 25,000 items. We ship throughout the United States and Canada.

Bait Division

The bait division of Robinson Wholesale, Inc. has distributed quality live bait for over 60 years. Though the business has grown throughout the years, the service and quality remains the same. We supply and deliver over 30 live bait products from Southern to Central Wisconsin and Northern to Central Illinois.

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